November 2014


Tertulias de bicicleta

De entre los libros divertidos que escribió Mark Twain hay uno que lo es especialmente. Lo que hace aun más curioso al “Pretendiente americano” es que en su escritura omitió toda referencia meteorológica y paisajística, prescindió de ese recurso narrativo para enmarcar la acción. En lugar de eso M. T., en un alarde de humor, […]

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La Bicicleta Café

Un grupo ciclista con nombre de unidad de élite me dio alcance el otro día en las cercanías de la ciudad, 23rd Reales. En pocos kilómetros tuve mucha charla con uno de ellos y me convenció para acompañarles a conocer su punto de reunión, la Bicicleta Café de Castellón. Al llegar al sitio un tipo […]

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A dangerous therapy

A little tiny spider set a silk wire at the sail’s edge in front of my face, soon later its swinging and my head motion became synchronized and, for as many as twenty minutes we insisted in hypnotizing each other. The whole situation had no result, since it was the very first attempt for the […]

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Ummm… No

I was in Oropesa. I needed a sandwich and a coke. There was a terrace. In order to get there, I had to take the whike off the sidewalk through a handicap ramp and park it. Two ladies—their backs facing me– were obstructing the ramp and, since they would not move I whistled. They turned […]

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You want a job and, and that’s it?

Up until approximately the 20th century, when someone collapsed after 14 hours working for a miserable wage, it made a lot more sense to become homeless. At least, you would not have to do anything at all—a personal defense that no labor movement can improve. This millennial mindset has been disregarded; the modern working culture […]

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Secret Kingdoms

The “almondcycles” are specimen of the “arbikes” species. They are considered an exception within the gender they belong to. Some manuals use the word renegades, since they do present neither the blooming nor the production of the conventional fruit. It stands out by its ability to disguise its real appearance, which is absolutely imperceptible by […]

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The Whike effect

The whike does not go unnoticed, confuses, is liked by many, it is the passer-by’s joy, the joy of those kids overtaken—Do you have time to stop? Makes cats and dogs nervous—they stare at the complete figure with terrified eyes with the uneasiness of confronting a new species. There are meows with a question mark, […]

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A reason

If you are asked to give up, you will refuse to do it. If you were sitting, you would stand up. If you are already standing, you would stretch your body to look taller and freer—that is why no one asks you to do it, instead they offer you things, fancy stuff with an “Anacreontic” […]

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Training Saturday

Touching a Japanese kid’s head has a very different meaning compared to doing the same thing to a European kid. Making eye contact with a Finnish person has nothing to do with doing the same thing with a South African person. Emptying your plate is perceived very differently depending on the culture; even the common […]

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