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History of USA by Whike
Spring 2015


Raise funds and create awareness

With this supportive challenge, we hope to raise awareness and consciousness with regards to cancer. We are seeking to attract attention about the importance of finding an effective treatment for cancer and collect money for the investigation of its prevention and detection. For every kilometer made-it is estimated to be a total of 5,500- the sponsor companies of this event (Adecco and Rio Tinto among them) will contribute with a certain amount of money that will be equally assigned to both AECC (Spanish Association Against Cancer in Spanish) and the UICC (Union for International Cancer Control).


Back in 2010 we made the Supportive Sports Challenge ‘Europe by Tandem’ a reality. Now we want to keep contributing.

Back in 2010, with the support of the car rental company Record Go, Jose Luis Esquer made the sports challenge “Europe by tandem” reality. This challenge consisted in going from North Cape (Norway) to Castellon (Spain) on a tandem in order to collect money to fight cancer. Now, they are willing to keep contributing to this cause and hence they have come up with this new supportive sports challenge: USA by whike.


USA and the Whike

Neither the decision of the United States as the location nor the peculiar vehicle is a coincidence. These are distinctive elements that will help attracting attention from the audience and also maximize the challenge’s impact, and hopefully the donations. Regarding the challenge’s itinerary, it will take approximately one month and will be from Los Angeles, CA to New York City, NY–crossing at least 13 states.
As far as the whike, the picturesque vehicle of this project: is a recumbent tricycle with a 1,6-square meter sail, invented by the Dutch, Fredjan Twigt. It features a three-piece aluminum mast, weighs 23 kg and can reach speeds up to 50 km/h with wind speeds ranging from 21 to 39km/h.


José Luis Esquer
Record Go’s Human Resources manager

His name is Jose Luis Esquer. He is 45 years old and currently works as Record Go’s Human Resources’ manager. Jose Luis is a passionate person about sports and music, with an Associate Degree in Labor Relations and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. He’s also a certified Coach by the ICF and has two Masters: one in Occupational Risk Prevention and another one in Remuneration Systems.
His daily challenge is to nurture a culture in his organization where its members can relate to and be proud. Record Go, as the main sponsor of this supportive sports challenge, has placed its trust in Jose Luis, supports and provides the necessary resources to make this project true.


You do not have to be perfect to be extraordinary.

Through this project, we want to convey the idea that anyone can do extraordinary things; it is just a matter of compromising with the biggest version of oneself. He would love to be a source of motivation for those who strive hard to better themselves day by day as well as exploit your own capacity to the fullest. Watch out, it is contagious!

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