June 2015


The Joshua Tree

Going from Los Angeles to the northeast region, the land precipitously runs away from the sea and transforms into sharp-looking peaks and high plains that offer the viewer sumptuous illusions and Jurassic desolation. The sand reaches the road edge, an ochre thin dust splattered of uncouth herbs and uneducated bushes. A lizard is what it […]

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Man, want some cold water?

Those critters cannot fly despite having wings; they have long muscular legs, and once they take off, they extend their wings in order to capture as much air as they possibly can. It really was not drawing a parallel between them and the lobsters what was annoying me. The surrounding landscape was not particularly cheerful […]

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Between the ground and the flight

There are stories that are true and some others that are not necessarily untrue; at least in the opinion of its author.  This question is, however, just pointless; generally, neither one of them are measured by that yardstick. It is quite unusual to believe a weird story the very first time we hear it; we […]

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