January 2015


And yet many collect prizes at the hands of those

In Baeza, Antonio Machado taught French in a high school. I saw the classroom almost intact; the cramped wooden desks with the little hole for the inkwell, the wooden flooring, and his teacher table with a built-in brazier…I was walking around the room while trying to guess what a genius would think in such a […]

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It has a cure for sure

“Hey, by the way, ¿have you heard about the Sons of the Thunder? I asked him. I did not expect a foreigner to ask that question; I swear I heard his heartbeat, like he had either touched on a sacred topic or a too personal one. Well, I bet she would have played dumb if […]

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Like when you catch frogs

The characters of John Steinbeck in Cannery Row are neither criminals nor courteous neighbors. The whike looks nothing like a bike or a sailboat. It is an extract, the mystery of the incomplete, the perfect little moment, the spoiled and seductive fragment of the ambiguity and the mistake. Sometimes though, you just have to get […]

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