Like when you catch frogs

January 5, 2015

Like when you catch frogs

The characters of John Steinbeck in Cannery Row are neither criminals nor courteous neighbors. The whike looks nothing like a bike or a sailboat. It is an extract, the mystery of the incomplete, the perfect little moment, the spoiled and seductive fragment of the ambiguity and the mistake. Sometimes though, you just have to get your feet wet; just like when we hunt frogs. What the hell are you doing here? There are signs. No fishing, no hunting, no fires, no camping. Now, grab your stuff and get out of property! Oh well, we are sorry—said Mack. We are leaving right now, captain. Look, we work for some scientists. We are trying to catch some frogs. They are investigating cancer and we are trying to find some frogs for them. What do they do with the frogs? He asked. Well, sir– Mack said. They give frogs cancer so that they study and test them. It will be an easy task if we can get them some frogs, but if you do not want us in your property, captain, we will leave right now.

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