December 2014


¿Cuál es tu poder?

Hacer entrevistas de selección es tener el privilegio de observar cómo otros despliegan y aprovechan su oportunidad. Así lo veo yo. No pierdo de vista mis objetivos como seleccionador pero también deseo que los consigan los demás. Hago muchas al cabo del año. Escucho y aprendo. En una ocasión conocí a una mujer que había […]

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I parked my whike at a plaza facing the city hall’s arcade. It was Sunday at noon and a bunch of well-groomed kids were running down the street yelling “to the church, to the church”. When they noticed the whike, they stopped suddenly like forgetting where they were headed to. From a corner, a old […]

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The managerial role has to do with two types of responsibility: the first one is to achieve results and profitability for shareholders who jeopardize their economic resources. The second one has to do with all of the impacts that the managerial power has on both the employees and the society in general. The universities and […]

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