The managerial role has to do with two types of responsibility: the first one is to achieve results and profitability for shareholders who jeopardize their economic resources. The second one has to do with all of the impacts that the managerial power has on both the employees and the society in general. The universities and business schools should assume, among their main objectives and very visually, an improvement in the managerial culture in the interest of the second responsibility, otherwise, who and how many will benefit from the progress?–this is not happening, though. Businesses are taught from the banking point of view; maybe the final part of the curriculum deals with ethics to play to the gallery. Notwithstanding, although it is not an essential requirement, it is up to the entrepreneur to either deceive or respect.
The sum of decisions made by a company’s directors, including those of the Human Resources managers, gives the EBITDA at the end of the year. If you doubt it, try to make a company work with angry or ignorant employees. The responsibility of the directors, whose existence is denied, affects the future professional and private of the people. And so, who has the guts to charge with the responsibility? And yet, it keeps happening. Making other interests prevail over the dignity and happiness of a population shows a huge lack of perspective. A Human Resources manager who lacks authority and boost to create rules of the game and develop a team is nothing but a caricature of himself.

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