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Turning point

From Tuba City to Keyanta, 118 kilometers; the legendary road 163 through Monument Valley starts here. The day was bright, we tested a brand-new camera. It is installed on the head and it is operated with a remote control in my wrist; also it includes a small screen that shows whatever I am recording. The […]

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One hundred rabbits

Second day in a row exceeding eleven hours and a half of actual pedaling sessions; it seems like I am warming up. Here is the plan: I start off at 7am and finish at around 8pm. Thirteen hours minus some breaks and stops; you do the math. From Walsenburg to Lamar, 214 dead calm kilometers. […]

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Beautiful stormy day

7am, I open the room’s door, which leads directly to the road; one step, two steps, it rains out of the eaves. I go from the warmth of my bed to be in the rain in a matter of two minutes. It is cold; South Fork is 2.500 meters above sea level. There are 199 […]

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Oh my God, look at that guy!

Exclaimed a four-year-old toddler sitting with his pale legs together in one street’s sidewalk in Bayfield. I was wondering if he had learned how to peel a tangerine before referring to me with such composure. We did not get to argue though. I was on my way to Paposa Springs from Durango, 106 kilometers with […]

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Hot chilli peppers in the blistering sun

From Montezuma Creek to Durango, 171 kilometers with head wind and flat tires. Hell on Earth. Smile, please. No. Just smile. No, what else is left? Formulating the appropriate questions becomes a competitive advantage. For instance: I could have asked myself “how do I fix this problem?” while feeling overwhelmed–that would have generated a few […]

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Red Altar

From Kayenta to Montezuma Creek, 152 kilometers, by the 163. In the distance, in the red and orange plain, a group of houses took shape in front of me; not even a single sign in the middle of the narration of Monument Valley. A quarter of a mile before the border with the state of […]

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At 7am, a group of men in cowboy hats approached my table, paid for my breakfast and started dwelling on the route I was on the verge to take. Typical from the West-Seligman; this was the starting point and that was the way my day started off. Right after getting the 200-dollar deposit back that […]

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A month minus three hours

Yesterday I got to get some rest at the Grand Canyon at the request of the producer so that they can shot from different locations; I am back to my business though, on the Navajo Nation soil. I woke up at 4:15am and the first pedal stroke coincided with the sunrise at 5:30am. The forecast […]

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Happy birthday, mom!

I’m headed east, focused on the regularity of the movement; this simple and honest esthetics based on the roundness of my pedaling. It is just a trivial thing that has become the key of my phenomena. It has also become the transmission chain between the experience and my thoughts, infallible law of a philosophical paradise […]

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