Happy birthday, mom!

June 17, 2015

Happy birthday, mom!

I’m headed east, focused on the regularity of the movement; this simple and honest esthetics based on the roundness of my pedaling. It is just a trivial thing that has become the key of my phenomena. It has also become the transmission chain between the experience and my thoughts, infallible law of a philosophical paradise where each meter I move forward establishes equality between good intention and performance. With an average of sixty pedal movements per minute, eight hours per day, it will be around 30.000 pedal movements. Every crank turn equals 0,0047 € collected. It is safe to say that pedaling has become a job that accrues both my body and spirit–sometimes, they both get exhausted. Mu body gets tired for obvious reasons, and my spirit gets tired due to the tension of lacking both. But I keep on, I am still far away from the end; fortunately, I have a playlist with over 900 hundred songs. I forgot to include the happy birthday–have a great day!

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