Hot chilli peppers in the blistering sun

June 24, 2015

Hot chilli peppers in the blistering sun

From Montezuma Creek to Durango, 171 kilometers with head wind and flat tires. Hell on Earth. Smile, please. No. Just smile. No, what else is left? Formulating the appropriate questions becomes a competitive advantage. For instance: I could have asked myself “how do I fix this problem?” while feeling overwhelmed–that would have generated a few alternatives. Notwithstanding, I ended up asking myself “how do I keep on moving forward? Although it seems the same, I can assure you that it is radically different in terms of the final results.

A magazine photographer on the road made stop to make me a photo report, he offers me 10 bucks and I decline the offer, and obviously he invites me to see him if I ever go to Atlanta. A Navajo Indian, who was sitting next to the road, was acting up, either he was totally wasted or he just enhanced in some sort of good fortune ritual–I can honestly forgive both of the options. Truth be told, shaman or singer, I usually have a hard time differentiating them. An Italian couple on vacation intercepted me; they had been seeing me for three days–their itinerary is almost identical to mine–they decided they would not procrastinate more and decided to meet me today. I stopped by their request because the wanted to congratulate me and give me hug. Can you imagine the excitement of being stranded in some solitary spots and some strangers want to meet you with such warmth? Again, if I ever travel to Rome, I am more than welcome to pay them a visit. A German couple traveling with an RV also made sure they greeted me on the roadside edge because they wanted to chop it up with me. They were headed to Durango where they will participate in a time-trial cyclist race where the pack challenges a steam locomotive. The challenge for the pack consists of reaching the peak before the old mechanic ingenuity. Needless to say that they handed me their card so that I can send them the pictures–of course, if I ever visit Darmstadt, I have to meet them…this seems to be endless.

Once you are exposed to so much goodwill through the Earth, you kind of wonder how it possible that cannot get along with each other. It is very funny indeed. I am afraid these instances are only good for songs.

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