March 2015



To this day, I have done 6.441 kilometers with both the whike and the bike, 149 hours riding the whike, swum 65 kilometers and 35 gym hours—a total of 139 training days. I am not really counting the whistling of people from their vehicles anymore. A lot of them stick their heads and arms out […]

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The power of stories

I have been traveling and came to the realization that, if I did not interact with anyone, my writing was significantly scarce. Nevertheless, as soon as I meet people, as if by magic, my diary started to get more stories and became more convincing. The descriptions of objects, places, climates and smells are alright, but […]

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Live your ideas

Most of the voices heard out there belong to artists of the paraphrase science, masters of the method, but with very little inspiration. Every so often, someone comes up with a new idea and the rest seem to hold on to it. I, on the other hand, am a unique creation and exclusive to my […]

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March 9th

I was awarded with the “March 9th” prize by usabywhike as prominent citizen by my solidarity. Many ask me why I do this and, I believe that they kind of expect an original and surprising answer–none of that. I do it because I can understand the feelings and wishes around me, yet this faculty becomes […]

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