The power of stories

March 30, 2015

The power of stories

I have been traveling and came to the realization that, if I did not interact with anyone, my writing was significantly scarce. Nevertheless, as soon as I meet people, as if by magic, my diary started to get more stories and became more convincing. The descriptions of objects, places, climates and smells are alright, but the most recalled stories are about what others think and feel—and we understand it–because we feel connected. There are no stories without connectivity. In order to build a good enough vision about the world, we have to have a conversation with many people—and that has to be repeated every now and then. No one who has seen it all; no one can provide a complete image without worrying about shedding so much light that it becomes color-blind. I have seen that people resign themselves to adversity, they hold on with disgust to the states they dislike; until someone tells them a different story. People always stop and listen to a great story; you could very well say that a man is worth as much as the number of stories he can tell.

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