March 30, 2015


To this day, I have done 6.441 kilometers with both the whike and the bike, 149 hours riding the whike, swum 65 kilometers and 35 gym hours—a total of 139 training days. I am not really counting the whistling of people from their vehicles anymore. A lot of them stick their heads and arms out of the window, which it really is not a greeting and cannot be considered as a celebration either—like the one they have when their team wins. To be honest, I do not know how to interpret it; but it seems like it makes them feel good. The important thing is that they have some fun—alright, the most commendable expressions thus far are: Did you make that? What is the sail for? Would you swap it for mine? (And you also get my radio) Also, you go, boy!
I had six flat tires, one blow-out, three worn out tires, one pair of sunglasses that were run over by one of the very whike’s wheels, a pair of worn cycling shoes and a decent amount of spare parts and modifications for the whike. All of the aforementioned are just necessary measures to accomplish such a huge venture. Last but not least, 41 hours of cartography study, 15 rehab sessions due to a effusion of the synovial fluid on my left knee, a cold, an interview with a meteorology professor and 21 post written.

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