March 9th

March 30, 2015

March 9th

I was awarded with the “March 9th” prize by usabywhike as prominent citizen by my solidarity. Many ask me why I do this and, I believe that they kind of expect an original and surprising answer–none of that. I do it because I can understand the feelings and wishes around me, yet this faculty becomes meaningless if I do not act; if I stay still. Mi speech is an action speech; my speech utters Wake up, Castellon!

On March 9th, 1810 our neighbors of Almazora, Villarreal and Castellon woke up and knew they had to act. Wake up, fellow citizens! Where is our army? Where are our leaders? Where is the leader? Yet, the leader failed. Our parents, children and siblings, the fellow citizens had to fight with their naked hands against the invader. Wake up, neighbors! You have to act, the invader has gathered a ruthless army financed by the banking and thanks to what they rob wherever they go—and they came to crush Castellon.

Wake up, fellow citizens! If you are asleep, you will be robbed! Yet, the leader failed and the citizens perished. Neighbors—it became know later—the leader had reached a political agreement with the invader and sought refuge in fortified palaces with cellars full of grain. It was agreed that they will not be attached there. The citizens indeed fought and perished. They fight nowadays like they fought back then, for their households, their lives, their savings and the future of their children.

Today, 200 years later, Castellon commemorates the heroism of those citizens—forced heroism because the leader failed, and the event is presided over by the leader. Wake up, Castellon! And the leader enjoys the honor to close down the event and his dishonest sermon leads the audience to believe that our neighbors fought in defense of their “identity”. This identity is intelligently well put together by the leader so that, while you are fighting in defense of your identity, you inevitably fight for keeping the author. And the leader, with electoral alacrity, censors those who build idols of clay. These idols are built in fact because the leader was nowhere to be found. For God’s sake, wake up Castellon!

Many ask me why usabywhike and they keep asking me. I do it out of responsibility because, as a citizen I have power, and the power is and must be to be able to create wonderful things.

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