Come get me, rain!

February 9, 2015

Come get me, rain!

So where have I been all this time? Everywhere, making people wait I guess, doing almost everything you get to tell, involved in a movie shooting in India, pestering travelers, deleting signals, weeping in the Gaza Strip, but, who could ever say this is not the most beautiful topic? Laura stood by the window anxiously awaiting the beginning; she would put on her parka at the first sign and would took off the bandana that covered her bald head; during these days, she would wear it around her neck with an uneven tail end for superstitious reasons. She was riding down from the high suburb of the port city to the beach and, at the promenade, Angel was waiting for her with a backpack covering his face; he had a day off–his manager would only authorize days off when it rains; who would be able to foresee how long would that last?

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